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JRM are industry leaders in designing film backgrounds, as well as inventing truely authentic and diverse leading casts for film productions which present themselves to the shores of Australia.

JRM Casting is one of Australia’s most sought after extras casting agency, having secured an impressive portfolio, which includes a plethora of both minor & major scale local & international film productions to have presented themselves to the shores of Australia. Our credits include films such as The Great Gatsby, Mad Max:Fury Road, Truth, Bleeding Steel, Seriously Red and TV Series : Banished, Rake, Total Control and currently casting Netflix: “Pieces of Her” and Netflix: “God’s Favourite Idiot”.

Possessing over 10 years of experience in all avenues of the film industry, an overly exquisite eye for background detail, as well as leading cast credits makes JRM the go to agency for all your casting needs.

We strive for nothing but perfection when it comes to the casting process, as well as an exceedingly experienced, passionate and diverse approach to all aspects of the film creating process.

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